BJP surges in Madhya Pradesh elections, crossing halfway with lead in 123 seats


As the vote counting commenced in the Madhya Pradesh Assembly elections, the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has taken a dramatic lead, crossing the halfway mark with 123 seats by 9.30 am, while the opposition Congress trails with 95 seats. This development marks a gain of 18 seats for BJP and a loss of 13 for Congress compared to the 2018 results.

BJP’s Ascendancy and Congress’s Challenge

The early trends suggest a significant shift in the political landscape of Madhya Pradesh, traditionally a BJP stronghold. Key political figures, including Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan and former CM Kamal Nath of the Congress, are leading in their respective constituencies. With four of nine exit polls predicting a comfortable win for BJP, the party appears to be fortifying its dominance in a state they have controlled since 2003.

Congress Trails as BJP Leads in Madhya Pradesh Assembly Elections

Congress Trails as BJP Leads in Madhya Pradesh Assembly Elections

Congress’s Optimism Amidst Election Tensions

Despite the exit polls favoring BJP, the Congress remains confident in upsetting BJP’s stronghold, especially with the upcoming Lok Sabha election in view. Kamal Nath, expressing his confidence to reporters, refused to acknowledge the early trends, awaiting a clearer picture. His optimism is reflected in a recent congratulatory poster and his social media post, rallying Congress workers and emphasizing public support for the party.

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BJP’s Strong Position and Shivraj Chouhan’s Confidence

Madhya Pradesh has been a key battleground for BJP since their consistent victories post-2003, with Shivraj Chouhan at the helm. Chouhan remains confident about BJP returning to power for a fifth term, reflecting the party’s stronghold in the state.

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