Tata Consultancy Services rolls out TCS TwinX platform on Google Cloud

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) said that TCS TwinX, its artificial intelligence (AI)-powered enterprise digital twin platform for risk-free business simulations, can now be accessible via Google Cloud.

TCS TwinX is said to bring together cutting-edge research on AI and actor-based to aid in the creation, testing, and make business-related actions using a digital twin simulator.

It generates a digital twin of the company’s value chain, covering processes, customers, products as well as partners and resources and their inter relationships. Once the twins are created, the TwinX platform allows businesses to simulate behavior in response to decisions.

Victor Morales — Google Cloud — Managing Director, Global Systems Integrator Partnerships said: “TCS and Google Cloud share a commitment to accelerating digital transformations for businesses across industries.

“We’re thrilled that TCS is bringing its TwinX digital twin platform to Google Cloud, enabling enterprises to deploy TCS’ widely-adopted business modeling and decision-making platform on Google Cloud’s global, scalable infrastructure.”

Tata Consultancy Services rolls out TCS TwinX platform on Google Cloud

Tata Consultancy Services rolls out TCS TwinX platform on Google Cloud. Photo courtesy of Akki17690/Wikimedia Commons.

TCS TwinX is said to allow business leaders to test and assess their decisions through the testing of various hypotheses before settling on the best one.

The enterprise digital twin platform can simulate hypotheses in a variety of strategic areas like launches of new products, media mix, design of campaigns, maximization of customer lifetime value, optimization of value chain, business expansion and transformation, fraud control and management, as well as assessment of risks and their mitigation.

According to Tata Consultancy Services, TCS TwinX is being adopted by companies across a variety of sectors, including communications, media and information services, consumer packaged goods, banking and finance, manufacturing, and logistics to improve their customer experiences, enhance their strategies for go-to market, stop churning, maintain the value of their customers, stop fraud, and create and roll out networks.

Kamal Bhadada — Tata Consultancy Services Business Group Head of Communications, Media and Information Services said: “TCS TwinX takes a different approach than traditional AI methods by performing actor identification and modeling based on both historic events and use-cases context in real time. It helps enterprises make decisions based on evidence from real-time business simulations rather than just managerial intuition.

“TCS TwinX helps decision-makers evaluate the impact of their business strategies and choices at scale, prior to deploying them in the real world.”

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