TCS launches sustainability solutions on Microsoft’s Azure IoT platform

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) said that its suite of sustainability solutions that include TCS Clever Energy, Intelligent Power Plant (IP2), and TCS Envirozone is now available on Microsoft’s Azure IoT platform.

According to the Indian IT services provider, by using sustainability solutions, organizations can get insights into the usage of energy and cut down waste and emissions to speed up their journey towards net-zero.

Lakecia Gunter — Vice President and General Manager, IoT Global Channel Sales, Microsoft, said: “TCS’ extensive portfolio of sustainability solutions, built with Microsoft technology, provides a comprehensive approach for businesses to embrace sustainability and deliver on their commitments.

“Through digital twins, predictive models, and other innovative IoT deployments, we’re helping organizations record, report, and reduce their end-to-end environmental footprint.”

TCS launches suite of sustainability solutions on Microsoft’s Azure IoT platform

TCS launches suite of sustainability solutions on Microsoft’s Azure IoT platform. Photo courtesy of Tata Consultancy Services Limited.

The TCS Clever Energy platform is said to make use of the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and cloud to assist organizations in understanding complex energy performance factors. This will help them in becoming more sustainable apart from empowering leaders to come up with informed decisions without compromising business requirements, said Tata Consultancy Services.

The Indian IT services provider claimed that the TCS Clever Energy platform helps cut down consumption of energy and utilities and reduce carbon emissions while saving costs of energy in commercial and office buildings, warehouses, retail stores, and factories.

Built on Microsoft Azure IoT PaaS services, TCS Clever Energy is said to addresses critical functions such as heating and cooling, demand response, process energy optimization, emission management, intelligent tariff management, and sustainability compliances by integrating with sensors, meters, and assets throughout the organization.

On the other hand, the Intelligent Power Plant sustainability solution combines AI, IoT, and digital twin technologies for supporting highly important power plants to boost reliability, reduce emissions, and cut down operating costs by 2-3%.

TCS Envirozone, the third solution in the suit, monitors sustainable development goals (SDG) activities that help organizations embrace carbon-neutral strategies by mitigating risks centering on supplier-sourcing, operations, and upstream sustainability for creating a sustainable supply chain.

Regu Ayyaswamy — Tata Consultancy Services Global Head of IoT and Digital Engineering said: “Our sustainability solutions harness the power of IoT, data and analytics to enable companies to achieve their sustainability goals and lead with purpose—without making significant new capital investments.

“We are pleased to offer these solutions on Microsoft Azure, to further help our customers with actionable insights on energy demand and consumption, carbon emissions, and asset energy performance.”

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