Tata Communications opens 5G hub in Pune to drive Industry 4.0 adoption


Tata Communications, an Indian digital ecosystem enabler, has launched a dedicated private 5G global center of excellence (CoE) in Pune to help enterprises expedite Industry 4.0 applications and capabilities.

The new digital transformation hub is an agile, secure, and indoor place for testing and trialing industry use cases, said the Tata Group company.

Having built use cases across automotive, airports and seaports, metals and mining, logistics, manufacturing, and healthcare sectors, Tata Communications claims to be well placed to help and empower global businesses to advance into the hyperconnected world in a seamless manner.

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Tata Communications said that with trials in progress, it will be able to showcase private 5G use cases like automated quality inspection of equipment with the help of image and video analytics, warehouse theft detection, inventory management and tracking of assets, video-powered retail purchase, and remote worker collaboration based on augmented reality/virtual reality (AR/VR) among others.

Tata Communications opens 5G hub in Pune to drive Industry 4.0 adoption

Tata Communications opens 5G hub in Pune to drive Industry 4.0 adoption. Photo courtesy of Gerd Altmann from Pixabay .

Mysore Madhusudhan — Tata Communications Executive Vice President of Collaboration and Connected Solutions said: “5G has the transformative power to be a game changer for all. We are encouraged and excited about leveraging this technology to enable the future of enterprises and economies.

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“Early test results in our Global Centre of Excellence have proved to be very positive providing an evolutionary path towards Industry 4.0 scenarios to varied industries. We believe this Centre is well poised to empower enterprises for a hyperconnected tomorrow.”

Apart from the private 5G global center of excellence in Pune, Tata Communications has two hubs in Mumbai and Delhi, which are focused on designing, developing, and showcasing multiple use cases of Internet of Things (IoT).

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