Fear strikes Jammu and Kashmir: Soldier’s sudden disappearance in Kulgam baffles all


In a startling development, a soldier from the Indian Army, identified as Rifleman Javed Ahmed Wani, mysteriously vanished while on leave in his hometown, Kulgam district, in Jammu and Kashmir. The unsettling news was reported by PTI on Sunday, July 30. Javed Ahmed Wani, who was due to rejoin his service the following day, disappeared on Saturday evening, leaving his family and local authorities perplexed and worried.

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Javed’s devastated father, Mohammad Ayub Wani, has made a public plea to any potential captors for the safe return of his son, who is the sole breadwinner for the family. He apologized on his son’s behalf if his work has caused any trouble and even promised to make Javed Ahmed Wani quit his job if required.

Indian Army soldier mysteriously vanishes from Kulgam District

Indian Army soldier mysteriously vanishes from Kulgam District. Photo courtesy of Amber Clay from Pixabay.

The mystery deepened after Javed Ahmed Wani, who left to buy meat on Saturday evening in his car, never returned home. The soldier’s car was later found at Paranhall near the market, with reports suggesting blood stains were present – a claim yet to be confirmed officially.

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As fear looms over the district, security forces have promptly launched a massive search operation. Raids have been carried out across Kulgam and nearby areas to find any clues related to Javed Ahmed Wani’s sudden disappearance. This incident has sent a wave of anxiety through the region, given the past instances of soldiers on leave being abducted and tragically killed by terrorists. The hunt for Javed Ahmed Wani and answers to this shocking mystery continues.

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