Mouth Washes – Functional Requirements


Mouthwashes are also known as mouth rinses. There are many types of mouthwash available in the market now like Colgate plax, Listerine mouthwash, etc.

Functions of Mouth Rinses

The important function of the mouth rinses is to freshen the breath and mouth like dentifrice by swishing and swilling the mouth rinse around the mouth. After swilling the product, it has to be spitted out. The freshness can be achieved due to the following factors.

  • The mechanical effect of rinsing clears the debris from the mouth.
  • There will be an effect of the flavor used in the preparation of the mouth rinse.
  • There will be the effect of any specific agent that is added specially for the intended purpose like an anti-bacterial agent etc at the end.
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Mouth rinses are the simplest of dosage forms and it consists of a compatible vehicle for many therapeutic agents. They can be formulated easily to produce the required therapeutic effects. Mouthwashes are used to get rid of bad breath and freshness in the mouth during intervals of brushing. It is not a substitute for brushing and can act in interval periods of brushing only.

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The essential requirement of the mouth rinses is its flavor which has to taste good and encourage its usage.

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