Mouth Washes : Types and Functions

Smart Mouth Mouthwash

Smart Mouth Mouthwash 

What are mouth washes?

Mouth washes are the liquid dentifrices and are formulated in ready to use form or in concentrated form. Mouthwashes which are formulated in concentrated form should be diluted as per the indications on the label.

Types of Mouth Washes:

Generally three types of mouth washes are prepared.

  1. Mouth washes which contain anti-bacterial agents
  2. Mouth washes with fluoride
  3. Mouth washes with minerals or astringents
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Mouth washes which contain the anti-bacterial agents destroy the bacteria present in the mouth. Mouth washes which contain the fluorides helps to reinforce the fluoride layer of the enamel of the teeth. Mouth washes with minerals helps to repair the early carious lesions. Mouth washes containing anti-bacterials are most popularly manufactured than the remaining two types. Anti-bacterial mouth washes are marketed for the clean breath. Mouth washes containing chlorhexidine have anti-plaque and anti-caries properties.

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Functions of mouth washes:

  • Rinses food debris from the mouth
  • Reduces total bacterial count in the mouth
  • Imparts flavour to mouth cavity and thus imparts flavour to breath
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