TotalEnergies and Wenea forge major electric mobility partnership in Spain


TotalEnergies and Wenea have announced an agreement aimed at building a leading player in electric mobility in Spain. This partnership includes developing a network of high-power charging hubs, a move that is set to revolutionize the electric vehicle (EV) charging landscape in the country.

The first major step in this collaboration is TotalEnergies’ acquisition of Nordian CPO, a subsidiary of the Wenea group. This deal includes 200 charging sites from Wenea’s branded network, all supplied entirely with renewable electricity. Strategically located along major highways and in urban and peri-urban areas across all 17 regions of Spain, these sites are pivotal in the expansion of EV infrastructure.

Furthermore, TotalEnergies and Wenea are in discussions to establish a strategic partnership that combines their expertise in infrastructure, power distribution, and mobility. This collaboration aims to build and invest jointly in high-power charging hubs, significantly enhancing the EV charging infrastructure in Spain.

Expanding Electric Charging Networks: TotalEnergies Acquires Nordian CPO from Wenea

Expanding Electric Charging Networks: TotalEnergies Acquires Nordian CPO from Wenea

Mathieu Soulas, Senior Vice President New Mobilities and Marketing at TotalEnergies, expressed his enthusiasm for the acquisition and the potential partnership. “Spain has Europe’s fifth largest automobile fleet, and the proportion of electric vehicles is expanding rapidly. For TotalEnergies, this is a great opportunity to extend our network in Europe,” he said.

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José Manuel Zorrilla, President of Wenea, also highlighted the significance of this partnership. “Our innovation, Digital strategy, customer focus, and leadership in charging services, make Wenea a unique player in the EV market,” he added.

This partnership in Spain aligns with TotalEnergies’ ambition to operate more than 1,000 high-power charging sites for electric vehicles in Europe by 2028. With several recent strategic moves, including a public roadside charging concession win in Madrid and a tender win in Germany, TotalEnergies is rapidly expanding its presence in the electric mobility sector.

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Wenea, a leader in high-power charging services in Spain, operates over 1,200 charge points. In 2023, the company exceeded its network deployment targets, securing several major public tenders in Spain and the UK. Wenea’s commitment to EV private charging solutions and its leading EV Digital Platform positions it as a frontrunner in the EV market.

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TotalEnergies, present throughout the electric mobility value chain, operates over 53,000 charging points worldwide. The company is investing heavily in charging infrastructure to promote large-scale electric mobility deployment. With a focus on providing comprehensive charging solutions for both professional clients and individuals, TotalEnergies is playing a crucial role in the energy transition towards electric mobility.

The agreement between TotalEnergies and Wenea marks a significant milestone in advancing electric mobility in Spain. The acquisition of Nordian CPO and the planned partnership for high-power charging hubs indicate a strategic approach to addressing the growing demand for EV infrastructure. This collaboration is not just about expanding charging networks; it’s about leading the transformation in the EV market and supporting the broader goal of a sustainable energy future.

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