Russian missiles devastate east Ukrainian city Pokrovsk: Civilian casualties rise


A horrifying disaster unfolded in the east Ukrainian city of Pokrovsk when two deadly Russian missiles wreaked havoc, leaving a trail of devastation.

Shocking aftermath: Five civilians dead, 31 injured!

This catastrophe included a direct hit on an ordinary residential building—a chilling reminder of the costs of war.

Ukraine’s interior minister, revealing the heart-wrenching details of the tragedy, confirmed that among the deceased were all civilians. He went on to disclose that 31 were left injured in the wake of the missile onslaught, a number that was initially reported lower. Among those wounded? 19 brave police officers, 5 selfless rescuers, and tragically, a child. As of now, the city is in recovery mode, with dedicated teams working tirelessly to clear the rubble.

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Adding to the gravity of the situation, another missile claimed the life of an emergency services official. This peaceful city of Pokrovsk, merely 43 miles northwest of Russian-occupied Donetsk and just 30 miles from the tense frontline, found itself plunged into chaos.

Deadly missile strikes by Russia in Pokrovsk, Ukraine: 5 killed, 31 injured

Deadly missile strikes by Russia in Pokrovsk, Ukraine: 5 killed, 31 injured

The Donetsk region governor painted a grim picture of the aftermath. Residential homes destroyed, a hotel shattered, and even local shops and administrative buildings weren’t spared. As the city attempts to pick up the pieces, there’s a palpable fear in the air. Residents are on high alert, with warnings of possible subsequent attacks. They’re being advised to seek shelter—pronto.

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Earlier on, Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky voiced his shock and anger on the popular social media platform, ‘X’. Describing the heart-wrenching scene, he spotlighted the strike on the residential building and the consequent casualties. And he wasn’t just going to let this slide. In a resounding promise, Zelensky pledged to make Russia answer for this gruesome act of aggression. He didn’t mince words, emphasizing that this battle against “Russian terror” was not one Ukraine would face alone. In an emotional call to arms, he declared, “Everyone who fights for Ukraine’s freedom saves lives, and with the world’s support, we’ll triumph over these terrorists.”

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The Ukrainian leader didn’t stop there. He shared a gut-wrenching video, giving the world a glimpse into the sheer magnitude of the destruction. The footage showcased civilians in a frantic rescue attempt amidst the ruins of a Soviet-era building, its top floor obliterated. The chilling scenes: people sprawled on the ground and everyday vehicles buried under debris.

Once a bustling hub with 60,000 residents, Pokrovsk today is a city in mourning, scarred by the terrifying events of this tragic day.

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