SourceBio offers medical supply support to Ukraine amid Russian invasion

SourceBio International, a UK-based provider of laboratory services and products, said that its board intends to extend some practical support to Ukraine following the invasion by Russia.

The British firm is said to be readying an express shipment of laboratory equipment, laboratory and medical consumables, as well as ancillary supplies to be sent to assist the citizens of Ukraine, as urgently as possible.

Separately, SourceBio International has pledged to offer £100,000 for securing the delivery of trauma kits to the war-torn Ukraine.

Christopher Mills — Director of SourceBio International said: “The rest of the world has watched with horror the unfolding events in Ukraine following Russia’s invasion. Russia has created an appalling situation that cannot be ignored and we all must stand up and support the people of Ukraine.

“It is the morally right thing to do.  Myself and the rest of the SourceBio Board feel very deeply that we must offer some direct support. I would encourage all companies, public or private, whatever their size, to provide similar tangible support to Ukraine.”

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