PG Technoplast to invest Rs 100cr in air conditioner plant in Rajasthan


PG Technoplast Private Limited (PGTL), a subsidiary of PG Electroplast Limited, has announced its plans to invest over INR 100 crores in setting up an air conditioner plant in Rajasthan to manufacture room air conditioners.

The company has entered into a nine-year term lease agreement for a custom-built industrial building in Rajasthan, as outlined in a recently signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

The facility will be designed to meet PG Technoplast’s specific requirements and will serve as a backward integrated manufacturing hub.

PG Technoplast, a solution provider for electronic manufacturing services (EMS) and contract manufacturing, caters to consumer durable and electronics brands in India. With its expertise in plastic injection molding and a foothold in the market, the company is well-positioned to establish an air conditioner manufacturing plant that adheres to high-quality standards.

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This strategic move aims to strengthen PG Technoplast’s capabilities in the original equipment manufacturing (OEM) and original design manufacturing (ODM) sectors, encompassing products such as washing machines, room air conditioners, air-coolers, and LED TVs.

PG Technoplast to invest Rs 100cr in air conditioner manufacturing plant in Rajasthan

PG Technoplast to invest Rs 100cr in air conditioner manufacturing plant in Rajasthan. Photo courtesy of Lucio Alfonsi from Pixabay.

By investing in a world-class air conditioner manufacturing plant in Rajasthan, PG Technoplast is poised to meet the growing demand for room air conditioners while offering cutting-edge solutions to its clients.

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The investment in Rajasthan signifies PG Technoplast’s commitment to expanding its manufacturing footprint and contributing to the state’s industrial growth. The construction of the air conditioner plant will be carried out as per PG Technoplast’s specifications, ensuring optimal efficiency and production capacity.

The company’s decision to enter into a long-term lease agreement showcases its dedication to securing a suitable location for its operations.

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This significant development not only demonstrates PG Technoplast’s commitment to driving innovation and providing top-quality products but also underlines its determination to remain a key player in the competitive consumer electronics market.

The establishment of the room air conditioner manufacturing plant in Rajasthan is expected to boost the region’s economy and create employment opportunities, further enhancing the company’s overall impact.

With the MOU signed and plans set in motion, PG Technoplast is set to revolutionize the room air conditioner manufacturing industry by leveraging its extensive experience, advanced capabilities, and strategic investments.

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