Persistent Systems launches Persistent Intelligent Cyber Recovery solution


Persistent Systems, an Indian multinational technology services, has launched Persistent Intelligent Cyber Recovery (PiCR), a cyber recovery solution that allows organizations to accelerate the recovery from cyber-attacks.

The Persistent Intelligent Cyber Recovery solution along with Google Cloud enables organizations to minimize data loss, decrease the risk of recurrent attacks, recover from ransomware and zero-day attacks, lessen the negative impact to brand reputation from prolonged downtime, and reduce cyber insurance costs.

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Now available on the Google Cloud marketplace, the cyber recovery solution from Persistent Systems offers customized recovery plans, Persistent IP for identifying and remediating malware, and managed services as an option for administering the recovery process.

Persistent Systems launches Persistent Intelligent Cyber Recovery solution with with Google Cloud

Persistent Systems launches Persistent Intelligent Cyber Recovery solution with with Google Cloud. Photo courtesy of Pete Linforth from Pixabay.


Nitha Puthran — Persistent Systems Cloud, Infrastructure and Security Senior Vice President, said: “We are leveraging our strong relationship with Google Cloud and our product engineering expertise to create an industry-leading solution that allows enterprises to recover faster from cyber-attacks, thereby reducing the impact on their business.

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“Persistent Intelligent Cyber Recovery combines strategic planning and the creation of playbooks, integration with Google Cloud services and our own IP to find anomalies that indicate malware, remove the malware, and use automation to set up test and production environments to scale.”

Persistent Intelligent Cyber Recovery with Google Cloud will offer a secure recovery environment and Google Cloud Backup and DR for the protection of server images.

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Dai Vu — Google Marketplace and ISV GTM Programs Managing Director, said: “With the Persistent’s Intelligent Cyber Recovery (PiCR) solution available on Google Cloud Marketplace, customers can quickly deploy PiCR to their Google Cloud environment and utilize it alongside Google Cloud technologies and capabilities to address cyber-attacks quickly and securely.”

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