Indian student Chirag Antil fatally shot in South Vancouver, investigation underway


In a disturbing incident in Canada’s South Vancouver, Chirag Antil, a 24-year-old Indian student, was found dead inside a car following a shooting late Friday night, April 12. Vancouver Police were called to the scene at East 55th Avenue and Main Street around 11 pm after local residents reported hearing gunshots. Upon arrival, officers discovered Antil deceased in his vehicle. As of now, no arrests have been made, and the police’s investigation is ongoing.

Chirag Antil, originally from Haryana, India, had moved to Vancouver in 2022 to pursue his Master of Business Administration (MBA). According to his family, he had recently completed his degree and obtained a work permit in Canada. Described by his brother Ronit as a happy, polite person with no known conflicts or issues, Antil’s death has left his family and friends in profound shock.

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Ronit recounted his last conversation with Chirag, noting that his brother was in good spirits that morning and had decided to take his Audi out for a drive, during which the tragic incident occurred. “My brother and I had a great relationship. We used to talk every day, day and night. I spoke to him last before the accident happened. He was kind of happy, he never had any issues or fights with anyone, ever. He was an extremely polite person,” Ronit told CityNews.

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The incident has drawn attention from various organizations, including the National Students’ Union of India. Its chief, Varun Choudhary, expressed urgency over the matter on his official X account, urging the Ministry of External Affairs to closely monitor the investigation and ensure justice is served promptly. He also requested additional support for Antil’s grieving family during this challenging time.

The Consulate General of India in Vancouver has also expressed its sorrow over the loss of Chirag Antil and is in contact with Canadian authorities to gather more information about the incident.

This tragic event underscores the vulnerabilities that international students can face abroad and highlights the need for stringent safety measures and community awareness. The ongoing investigation by Vancouver Police will be crucial in uncovering the motive and finding those responsible for Chirag Antil’s untimely death. The case also stresses the importance of diplomatic engagement and support in incidents involving nationals living overseas, ensuring they receive the necessary assistance and that justice processes are transparent and effective.

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As this situation unfolds, it will be essential to monitor how local and international authorities handle the investigation and any subsequent legal proceedings, as these will serve as a benchmark for the safety and justice afforded to international students around the world.

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