Parle Products selects IBM to help drive growth via hybrid cloud

Parle Products has selected IBM Cloud for rolling out its products to market more quickly and effectively.

The Indian food products company, known for its biscuit brand Parle-G, will utilize the transformative hybrid cloud and AI capabilities of IBM along with the latter’s security and industry expertise. IBM said that this will help Parle Products get Parle-G and other products to market at the right time and also in the right place.

Parle Products will adopt a hybrid cloud-based approach for innovating more quickly to explore new ways to bring its products into the homes of consumers amid the Covid-19 pandemic, which is challenging the supply chain and mandates some employees to work remotely.

By optimizing its operations and achieving greater scalability to address varying demands, Parle Products expects to see growth of its business in India and overseas.

Ajay Chauhan – Executive Director of Parle Products said: “As the largest biscuit brand provider in India, our priority is meeting the growing demands of Indian consumers. By working with IBM to accelerate our journey to the cloud and strengthen our security posture, we will work to uncover new ways to reduce time-to-market and streamline operations – a significant milestone for us.”

Parle Products, the owner of Parle-G biscuits, selects IBM to help drive growth via hybrid cloud

Parle Products, the owner of Parle-G biscuits, selects IBM to help drive growth via hybrid cloud. Photo courtesy of travelwayoflife/

The Indian food products company will move its mission-critical SAP workloads, supply chain, ERP, and analytics applications to IBM Cloud. By doing this, the company can improve productivity across finance, HR, procurement, and other business functions, said IBM.

By adopting an intelligent AI-based supply chain from IBM, the Indian biscuit manufacturer will have a critical KPIs-based performance management framework. The framework uses IBM Watson Studio for measuring and monitoring the health of its business processes and their outcomes.

Intelligent workflows will further drive the agenda of the Parle-G owner on suitable product mix, quicker planning and scheduling, and streamlined supply chain costs.

Parle Products will also utilize the services of IBM X-Force Red to uncover vulnerabilities across networks and applications.

Howard Boville – Head of IBM Hybrid Cloud Platform said: “The global pandemic has demanded businesses to become digital overnight and quickly adjust to life in a virtual world,” said

“Every industry has had to accelerate their transformation and are turning to the cloud to enable that. “Parle quickly shifted its approach, by embracing a hybrid cloud strategy with IBM to leverage our cloud capabilities and deep industry expertise, with security at the forefront of their advancement.

“By implementing cloud and AI, Parle is able to bring their products seamlessly to millions of homes in India, despite the current challenging times.”

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