NetApp and Google Cloud enhance data infrastructure for Generative AI


NetApp (NASDAQ: NTAP), a leader in intelligent data infrastructure, has announced an expansion of its partnership with Google Cloud. This collaboration aims to simplify the utilization of data for generative AI (GenAI) and other hybrid cloud workloads through significant enhancements to the Google Cloud NetApp Volumes.

At the forefront of this announcement is the introduction of the Flex service level for Google Cloud NetApp Volumes, which supports scalable storage volumes of nearly any size. This addition allows customers more flexibility in managing their storage to meet the precise demands of their cloud workloads.

Alongside the service expansion, NetApp is previewing its GenAI toolkit reference architecture. This toolkit is designed to optimize retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) operations using the Google Cloud Vertex AI platform, promoting efficient and secure AI data pipelines.

NetApp expands partnership with Google Cloud to revolutionize data storage for AI

NetApp expands partnership with Google Cloud to revolutionize data storage for AI

Pravjit Tiwana, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Cloud Storage at NetApp, emphasized the strategic importance of this partnership, stating, “Increasing demand for data-intensive applications and insights has reinforced the need for a new approach to unified data storage that gives organizations the agility to move and store data wherever it is needed at any point in time.” Similarly, Sameet Agarwal, GM/VP, Google Cloud Storage at Google Cloud, highlighted the critical role of Google Cloud NetApp Volumes in enterprise digital transformation strategies.

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The Flex service level, set to be generally available by Q2 2024, complements three existing service levels — Standard, Premium, and Extreme. Each level is tailored to various performance needs, from general-purpose storage to high-throughput, low-latency applications.

The GenAI toolkit facilitates the implementation of RAG operations and is supported by unique capabilities such as automated classification and tagging, scalable snapshots, and real-time cloning at scale. These features ensure the data used is optimized for accuracy and efficiency.

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The expanded partnership between NetApp and Google Cloud is poised to transform how businesses leverage their data for AI applications, creating a competitive edge in the marketplace. This collaboration not only enhances data management capabilities but also paves the way for innovative applications of AI across industries.

The new Flex service level will expand to additional Google Cloud regions by the end of 2024, with the GenAI toolkit entering public preview in the second half of 2024.

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The strategic enhancements in the NetApp and Google Cloud partnership signify a substantial advancement in cloud data infrastructure, catering specifically to the needs of generative AI applications. This collaboration not only broadens the scope of data management solutions but also ensures that enterprises can leverage their data more effectively within the evolving landscape of technology.

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