Accenture invests in content creation Generative AI platform Writer


Accenture (NYSE: ACN) has announced a strategic investment through Accenture Ventures in Writer, a platform that utilizes generative AI to assist enterprises in creating and shaping content in alignment with their existing workflows.

Writer’s mission is to enable organizations to incorporate generative AI into their content creation and other processes, as well as extract valuable insights from their internal data, all while maintaining security and brand integrity.

Accenture sees this investment as a significant step toward empowering clients across various industries to revolutionize their content creation, personalization, and distribution processes. By leveraging Writer’s enterprise-ready platform, Accenture aims to enhance its generative AI capabilities and offer clients a wide range of applications in marketing and sales.

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Marketing and communications professionals at Accenture have already been using Writer to generate written content, synthesize diverse content, and align their writing with voice and brand guidelines. The company began using Writer in 2021 to improve its writing proficiency and is now expanding its utilization of Writer’s generative AI capabilities internally, with plans to extend them to clients.

Accenture invests in content creation Generative AI platform Writer

Accenture invests in content creation Generative AI platform Writer. Photo courtesy of Roberto Fiadone/Wikimedia Commons.

According to Accenture Research, up to 40% of all working hours will be influenced by Large Language Models (LLMs), and 98% of global executives believe that AI foundation models will play a pivotal role in their organizations’ strategies in the next three to five years. In line with this, Accenture announced a $3 billion investment in its Data & AI practice in June 2023 to enable clients from various industries to harness AI for growth, efficiency, and resilience.

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Writer’s generative AI tools are expected to drive greater creativity within organizations, enhancing content creation, productivity, and marketing models. The platform allows organizations to implement generative AI use cases tailored to their specific workflow requirements. These AI-driven applications operate securely within an organization’s on-premises systems or private clouds, utilizing proprietary data and adhering to style and brand guidelines.

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Writer is now part of Accenture Ventures’ Project Spotlight, a program that connects emerging technology startups with Global 2000 companies to address strategic innovation gaps. This partnership will enable Writer to benefit from Accenture’s vast expertise in deploying AI across industries and functions, further expanding its capabilities.

The terms of the investment have not been disclosed.

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