Massive Bio, The Oncology Institute partner to revolutionize cancer treatment


Massive Bio, a healthcare technology company specializing in personalized treatment solutions for cancer patients, has announced a non-exclusive partnership with The Oncology Institute (TOI), a leading provider of cutting-edge cancer care.

This strategic alliance aims to redefine the landscape of cancer treatment by harnessing advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology and establishing an extensive nationwide network.

In this collaboration, Massive Bio will collaborate with The Oncology Institute to evaluate the eligibility of patients for the latter’s active clinical trial portfolio, utilizing their cooperative business model driven by AI and precision medicine. By leveraging sophisticated algorithms and comprehensive diagnostic information, Massive Bio will empower patients and ordering physicians at The Oncology Institute with clinical decision support and clinical trial matching services.

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Furthermore, this partnership will expand the scope of cancer research through Massive Bio’s recent release of ChatGPT-powered chatbots for oncology research during ASCO 2023. These chatbots, powered by state-of-the-art AI, will facilitate enhanced communication and information exchange among researchers, accelerating the pace of discoveries in the field.

The alliance between Massive Bio and The Oncology Institute represents a paradigm shift in cancer care. By combining the power of advanced AI technology, personalized therapy, and an extended network of research collaborations, these industry leaders are poised to reshape the future of oncology and bring new hope to patients and their families.

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Through this strategic partnership, Massive Bio and The Oncology Institute aim to improve patient outcomes and enhance the effectiveness of cancer treatments. By leveraging AI-driven precision medicine and establishing a robust network, they seek to revolutionize the way cancer is diagnosed, treated, and researched.

Selin Kurnaz — Massive Bio CEO said: “We are incredibly excited about joining forces with The Oncology Institute.

“This partnership will not only revolutionize cancer care but will also empower patients with access to the most advanced precision medicine available. Our combined expertise will open new doors for patients, connecting them to potentially life-saving treatments and groundbreaking clinical trials.”

The collaborative efforts of Massive Bio and The Oncology Institute represent a significant step forward in the fight against cancer. This partnership brings together expertise, innovation, and a shared commitment to improving the lives of cancer patients. Together, they are poised to make advancements in oncology, ushering in a new era of personalized, data-driven cancer care.

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Cristina Green — The Oncology Institute Vice President of Clinical Research said: “This collaboration with Massive Bio complements our ability to connect patients with advanced cancer therapies and cutting-edge clinical trials. By leveraging AI-driven precision medicine, we are confident that this partnership will accelerate breakthroughs in cancer research and deliver life-changing treatment options to our patients.”

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