Google amplifies AI security with Anthropic’s Cloud TPU v5e adoption


Google has announced an extension of its partnership with Anthropic, focusing on leading AI security and safety practices, and the implementation of Google’s latest Cloud TPU v5e chips for AI inference. This collaboration strengthens the bond between the two companies since Anthropic’s inception in 2021, showcasing a mutual dedication to advancing AI technology responsibly.

Advancing AI Safety and Security with Google’s Innovative Technologies

The announcement comes on the heels of the AI Safety Summit, where leaders from Google and Anthropic, alongside government and industry experts, convened to discuss AI advancements and safety protocols. Both companies are actively engaged in forums like the Frontier Model Forum and collaborate with MLCommons to endorse the development of safe AI measures.

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Anthropic Commits to Top-Tier AI Security with Google Cloud Services

Anthropic has integrated Google Cloud’s security services to protect its models and data, employing tools like Chronicle Security Operations and Security Command Center to provide advanced threat intelligence and environment visibility.

Anthropic Advances AI Inference and Safety Using Google's Latest Cloud TPUs

Anthropic Advances AI Inference and Safety Using Google’s Latest Cloud TPUs

Cloud TPU v5e: Pioneering AI Inference and Efficiency

As early adopters, Anthropic leverages the Cloud TPU v5e, Google’s most advanced AI accelerator, to efficiently power its Claude large language model, demonstrating significant gains in cost-efficiency and performance over previous generations.

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Google Cloud’s CEO, Thomas Kurian, and Anthropic’s co-founder, Dario Amodei, both emphasize their shared vision for bold and responsible AI development, underlining this partnership as a model for the AI industry’s progress.

About Google and Anthropic:

Google’s collaboration with Anthropic underscores a commitment to responsible AI advancement, with both companies pioneering new standards for AI security, performance, and scalability. This partnership exemplifies the potential for AI to safely and effectively enhance global technology capabilities.

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