Maruthi Dhaba, new North Indian veg restaurant in Hyderabad opens doors

A new North Indian veg restaurant in Hyderabad, named as Maruthi Dhaba, has opened its doors recently at Narayanguda near Himayat Nagar.

It is good news for vegetarian foodies as finding pure veg restaurants in the twin cities has become a rarity of sorts. In this regard, Maruthi Dhaba happens to be one of the very few North Indian veg hotels in Hyderabad making it a welcome addition for food lovers, staying around Narayanguda, Himayat Nagar and Chikkadapally areas.

Maruthi Dhaba Joins Other List of Other Veg Restaurants in Himayat Nagar

Maruthi Dhaba Veg Restaurant |North Indian Veg Restaurant in Hyderabad

Maruthi Dhaba Veg Restaurant | North Indian Veg Restaurant in Hyderabad

Maruthi Dhaba joins the list of vegetarian restaurants near Himayat Nagar and nearby areas that include Chutneys, Minerva, Woodlands and Taj Mahal Hotel.

This pure veg AC restaurant claims to serve authentic Punjabi dishes, North Indian dishes, Hyderabadi Biryani besides Chinese Dishes. Maruthi Dhaba can be an ideal place for all seasons for families to go out and eat in a decent relaxed atmosphere.

You can either sit and dine or go in for a takeaway at Maruthi Dhaba, one of the growing veg restaurants in Himayat Nagar.

North Indian Veg Restaurants in Hyderabad – Maruthi Dhaba Veg Restaurant Review

Your reporter stumbled across this North Indian veg restaurants in Hyderabad by chance when going by the Narayanguda-YMCA road. Initial thoughts were that Maruthi Dhaba was going to be a small economical food outlet.

However, you would be easily taken aback by the looks of it once you enter where you would find a reception, and surprisingly a lift as well in the small space. The actual restaurant is located on the first floor and has a wonderful ambience on its own.

Maruthi Dhaba Himayat Nagar Restaurant Photo

Maruthi Dhaba Himayat Nagar Restaurant

OyeChronicle reporter was looking to try this new vegetarian restaurant near Himayatnagar and was a little disappointed that Maruthi Dhabha at that time did not have the swiping card system yet. This visit was very recent after Narendra Modi’s demonetization announcement that left several citizens left with not much of cash in their pockets to spend on their whims.

Just when your reporter was ready to leave, the owner asked to wait and was willing to get the payment done through PayTM. This was after the reporter did not have the app, and the hotel owner seemed to go out of the way in a time where there is a serious cash problem in the country.

Well, for starters, the owner sounded very confident that he has each and every item listed out in his huge menu. This is again a rare thing as a lot of hotels do fall short in making some of their menu items available.

Maruthi Dhaba Veg-Restaurant Hyderabadi Biryani photo

Maruthi Dhaba Veg-Restaurant Hyderabadi Biryani

The items ordered were Lemon Corriander Soup, Veg Corn Soup, Veg Biryani, Palak Paneer and Rotis.

Prices of the items seem to be on par with bigger hotels. However, with this being a pure veg restaurant, one wouldn’t really mind to pay a bit extra with the peace of mind that only vegetarian food is cooked and served.

New Addition to Banquet Halls in Himayat Nagar

If you are looking for banquet halls in Himayat Nagar and adjacent areas, then Maruthi Dhaba, owned by Jeethender Deepak Bajaj, is another choice you can think of.

The banquet hall of this vegetarian restaurant near Himayatnagar is decent in both design and space, and can accommodate up to 100 guests at a time.

Maruthi Dhaba Himayat-Nagar Banquet Hall Photo

Maruthi Dhaba Himayat-Nagar Banquet Hall

Your search for Himayat Nagar banquet halls that serve hygienic and tasty North Indian and Punjabi vegetarian food can be narrowed down to Maruthi Dhaba which can organize a get together, kitty party, family function, birthday party, get together or corporate function at its restaurant.

For A/C banquet hall booking around Himayat Nagar and Narayanguda, call the numbers 9030355955 and 7013273221. You can also reserve your table by calling either of these numbers.

Maruthi Dhaba Photo Gallery | Photos of News Vegetarian Restaurant near Himayatnagar

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