Lead Exposure Increases Health Problems in Adult Life

The LEAD stuff from pencil case

The LEAD stuff from pencil case

Research on Adult Male Workers who are exposed to lead in an industry:

It is concluded from a new research study made on adult male workers who are exposed to lead at work are likely to get more recognizable problems than the non exposed workers when they become older.

They also concluded that strict preventive measures are required to decrease the effects of lead.

The data of 288 lead exposed men and 181 non-exposed men for the year 1982 was taken and analyzed.

The blood levels are higher (40 µgms/ deci lt) in the exposed group and lower (7.2/µ dec lt) in the non-exposed group.

This study was further continued during the year 2004 to study the cumulative effect of lead in 83 adults who were exposed and 51 of the non- exposed from the earlier study. The cognitive scores are lower in the exposed even though they were removed from the lead exposure.

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