Why Bones become stronger by Exercise?

Bones become stronger by Exercise

Bones become stronger by Exercise

Benefits of Exercise:

We all know that exercise has got a beneficial effect on the overall health of an individual by bringing favorable changes anatomically and physiologically.

These changes are particularly visible in muscular, skeletal and cardiovascular systems in the body. In addition exercise also improves the bone density and strength of the bones making them to become stronger. This will not happen in people not doing any exercises.

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How this happens?

When bones are subjected to mechanical stress like walking and weight lifting it tries to overcome the stress by deposition of mineral salts and increasing the collagen fibers. Thereby the bones become stronger. In addition to this reaction the production of calcitonin a hormone which inhibits the bone resorption.

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This will not takes place in people without exercise. That is why in complete bedridden people the bones become weak and fragile by demineralization and loss of collagen fibers. Mechanical stress to the bones is caused by pull of skeletal muscles and pull of gravity.

That is also the reason that the bones of athletes are thicker and stronger. Weight bearing activities like walking and moderate weight lifting exercises build up the bone mass and strong bones. Elderly people can also build up their bone mass by following simple exercises.

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