Kerala blasts update: Dominic Martin claims responsibility, surrenders to police


In a startling development following the tragic series of blasts in Kalamassery, Kerala, a 48-year-old man named Dominic Martin has voluntarily surrendered to the authorities, claiming responsibility for the attacks. This revelation has sent shockwaves across the nation, adding a new dimension to the Kalamassery blasts that have already claimed lives and caused numerous injuries.

A Tragic Day in Kerala

The incident, which took place during a Jehovah’s Witnesses convention attended by about 2,000 people, saw a series of explosions resulting in one fatality and 45 injuries. The first explosion, according to witnesses and officials, occurred inside a tiffin box placed in the middle of a prayer session. The impact of the blasts was immediate and devastating, leading to panic and a frantic rush to evacuate the venue.

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Details from the Blast Site

Kalamassery MP Hibi Eden, in his account to NDTV, emphasized the severity of the situation, noting that the explosion happened in the center of the hall. Eden highlighted the existing evacuation plan, which helped in managing the situation, though it couldn’t entirely prevent the ensuing chaos and stampede.

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Dominic Martin’s Role and Investigation

Dominic Martin’s surrender and admission have pivoted the focus of this tragedy. Martin, who shares his Christian denomination with the religious group holding the convention, has not yet revealed his motives. Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, labeling the blasts as ‘unfortunate’, has assured serious consideration of the case. The National Investigation Agency, a body specializing in counter-terrorism, is spearheading the investigation, underlining the gravity of the incident.

Response and Security Measures

The Kerala Health Minister Veena George has called upon all healthcare professionals to assist in the crisis, with many victims, including critical cases, currently receiving medical attention. Security measures have been escalated in key Indian cities following Martin’s surrender, reflecting the nationwide alert triggered by this act.

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The sudden and shocking turn of events with Dominic Martin’s surrender in the Kalamassery blasts has gripped the nation, stirring conversations around security, communal harmony, and the need for understanding the root causes of such tragic occurrences.

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