Kerala blasts fallout: CM Vijayan slams Union Minister’s “poisonous” remarks


In the wake of the deadly blasts near Kochi, Kerala’s political temperature has skyrocketed. Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan accused Union Minister of State Rajeev Chandrashekhar of delivering not just vitriolic statements but ‘deadly poison,’ severely straining the state’s secular fabric. This sensational accusation comes just a day after the blasts targeting a Christian sect’s gathering, marking a dramatic escalation in the political rhetoric of the state.

Accusations of Communal Targeting Heighten Political Tensions

The aftermath of the blasts near Kochi saw an intensifying war of words between CM Vijayan and Union MoS Chandrashekhar. The BJP leader, labelled by Vijayan as “extremely venomous,” didn’t hold back, branding the Chief Minister a “liar.” Their fiery exchanges revolving around allegations of communal targeting and corruption signal a new low in Kerala’s political discourse. These developments follow Chandrashekhar’s contentious social media post, which suggested a specific community’s involvement in the blast, causing a stir among political circles.

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Union Minister’s Post and CM’s Counterattack Stir Controversy

At the heart of this scorching controversy lies a social media post by Chandrashekhar, which Vijayan vehemently criticized for its “absolute communal outlook.” The Union Minister’s post, interpreted as placing blame on a particular community for the blasts, was countered by Vijayan’s allegations of deliberate communal polarization. The Chief Minister’s visit to the injured in Kochi hospitals and subsequent press conference only added fuel to this fiery political clash.

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Chandrashekhar Defends, Attacks Kerala’s Governance

Rajeev Chandrashekhar fiercely retorted to the CM’s accusations, painting Vijayan as a “liar” and accusing him of masking his and his government’s failures and corruption with communal rhetoric. Chandrashekhar’s counter-charge included allegations of Kerala’s tolerance towards radical elements under Vijayan’s rule, further inflaming an already volatile political scene.

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The intense back-and-forth between Kerala’s Chief Minister and the Union Minister of State after the blasts near Kochi has plunged the state into a political whirlwind. With accusations of communal targeting, corruption, and inept governance flying thick, the incident reflects deep-seated political and sectarian tensions in Kerala, making it a focal point of national interest.

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