Vieroots Wellness Solutions secures investment from actor Suniel Shetty


Vieroots Wellness Solutions, an Indian healthtech start-up, which is estimated to be valued at about INR 1bn ($13 million), has secured an undisclosed amount of investment from Bollywood actor Suniel Shetty.

The Indian healthtech company was established in 2018 by wellness evangelist and bio-hacker Sajeev Nair. Vieroots Wellness Solutions offers customized lifestyle management using Epigenetics with a focus on peak performance and healthy aging.

The company is also engaged in providing research-based products and services for people who want to live healthy and productive lives, with a particular focus on productive aging.

Suniel Shetty said: “Vieroots sees a world where people live long, healthy, fulfilling lives by taking charge of their own bodies and minds. They offer a happy synergy between modern sciences; technology and age-old wellness concepts thereby bring forth innovations long awaited in the wellness industry. Their key brand element is the continuum which depicts the regeneration and regression of life.

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“I am positive that my association with the brand will boost its prospects.”

Vieroots Wellness Solutions secures investment from Bollywood actor Suniel Shetty.

Vieroots Wellness Solutions secures investment from Bollywood actor Suniel Shetty. Photo courtesy of Vaikoovery/

According to Vieroots Wellness Solutions, its Epigenetic lifestyle modification is a three-step method which comprises V genome test called VIEGENOME, the company’s app EPILIMO and a detailed customized lifestyle modification plan. As per the healthtech company, this process helps in getting all the possible details on all diseases which a user could have been inherited from their ancestors. This information will help the use to make changes to his lifestyle to ward off the potential dangers on his or her health.

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The VIEGENOME test is said to be a genetic predisposition test which can analyse over 200 different health parameters. On the other hand, EPLIMO, which is the Epigenetic Lifestyle Modification mobile App is said to be a next-generation health and wellness ecosystem that converges genetics with artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics and generates a Geno-Metabolic report.

Vieroots Wellness Solutions said that its medical and genetic experts create a highly customized wellness management plan for users based on their metabolism and genetics. The entire process can improve overall quality of life and support to live long and stay young, physically and also mentally, said the Indian healthtech company.

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Sajeev Nair – Chairman & Chief Mentor of Vieroots Wellness Solutions said: “We are thrilled to welcome Mr. Suniel Shetty on board to drive the Live Long and Grow Young Movement which is a critical juncture for the Wellness industry. We feel that the market has huge prospects to get bigger amidst the looming health uncertainties.

“Co-morbidity causing lifestyle diseases and pandemics tell us to place more emphasis on disease prevention, and enhance the community’s herd immunity.”

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