Kavitha calls ED notice in Delhi liquor scam “politically motivated”


The Enforcement Directorate (ED) has issued a fresh notice to BRS MLC K. Kavitha for questioning in the Delhi liquor scam. Kavitha, who previously appeared before the ED on March 16, 20, and 21, has labeled the new summons as politically motivated, terming it a ‘Modi notice.’ The notice comes amid allegations of Rs 100 crore being exchanged in the scam, with the ‘South Lobby’ accused of manipulating the government for liquor shop allocations.

Government and Opposition Accuse Each Other

Telangana Finance Minister T. Harish Rao accused the Central government of attempting to entangle Kavitha in the liquor scam as part of a strategy to weaken opposition parties. This comes in stark contrast to allegations by Congress that the Centre is trying to protect Kavitha. Several BJP leaders have expressed concerns about the party’s credibility for not making an arrest in the case.

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Hyderabad Businessman’s Role Under Scrutiny

Arun Ramachandra Pillai, a Hyderabad-based businessman allegedly linked to Kavitha, was believed to have turned approver in the case, making the fresh ED notice to Kavitha particularly politically important. However, Pillai has since refuted these claims as “false” and “completely unfounded.” His lawyer stated that they would take legal action against the media houses that spread this information.

ED issues new notice to BRS MLC Kavitha in ongoing Delhi liquor scam investigation

ED issues new notice to BRS MLC Kavitha in ongoing Delhi liquor scam investigation. Photo courtesy of Batthini Vinay Kumar Goud/Wikimedia Commons.

Chargesheets and Legal Actions

So far, two chargesheets have been filed by the ED and a third by the CBI in this high-profile Delhi liquor scam. All the accused, except for Abhishek Boinapalli, another Hyderabad-based businessman, have reportedly turned approver. Kavitha has a pending petition in the Supreme Court challenging the ED’s practice of summoning women for questioning. Reports suggest that Kavitha may seek an exemption from appearing personally for questioning due to her preoccupied schedule as a public representative.

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Kavitha’s Take on the Situation

Speaking in Nizamabad, Kavitha stated that using the ED against opposition parties has become too common a measure by the BJP, especially in states that are going to the polls. She warned that the public would teach the BJP a lesson. Kavitha also emphasized that the BRS is not a ‘B’ team of any political party but an ‘A’ team of the people from Telangana and India.

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In summary, the fresh ED notice to BRS MLC K. Kavitha in the ongoing Delhi liquor scam has ignited a political firestorm, with allegations and counter-allegations flying from all quarters. The notice appears to be a critical juncture in the investigation, particularly as it comes amidst intense political debates and pending legal actions.

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