Infosys helps UNDP deploy Quantum Global Digital Management System


Infosys, through its US-based subsidiary Infosys Public Services (IPS), has helped the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in deploying the Quantum Global Digital Management System.

UNDP is an agency of the United Nations with a responsibility to assist countries in eradicating poverty and attaining sustainable growth in the economy and human development.

The Quantum Global Digital Management System is based on Oracle’s Fusion Cloud Applications Suite. It is said to be a single and seamless platform that can be used for all UNDP operations, including human capital management, accounting and supply chain management, and enterprise performance management across eight UN agencies with a user base of more than 50,000 from 170 nations.

The new platform replaces the old systems and provides an easier digital experience with features such as Intelligent Dashboards, artificial intelligence (AI)/automation, and a host of self-service features that have the potential to transform the way operations are conducted and also the method in which UNDP communicates with suppliers, partners, and staff.

Infosys helps UNDP deploy Quantum Global Digital Management System

Infosys helps UNDP deploy Quantum Global Digital Management System. Photo courtesy of Empoor/Wikimedia Commons.

Bhanu Prasad Narayana — Interim CEO and AVP said: “We have been proud partners of UNDP since 2013 and are thrilled to have the opportunity to move UNDP into the cloud era. Oracle Fusion Applications provide UNDP and its partner agencies with a complete suite of SaaS applications, and we are proud that IPS delivered the program on schedule, with zero disruptions, even amid the pandemic.

“Our comprehensive Oracle Cloud solutions and capabilities, and the power of Infosys Cobalt offerings are enabling us to accelerate cloud transformation priorities for our public sector clients and help deliver exceptional outcomes.”

The Quantum Global Digital Management System’s increased control of data and high level of digital integration from end to end will result in improved quality of data and more effective decision-making systems, said Infosys.

Furthermore, UNDP is expected to benefit from increased usability and adoption thanks to a modern, multi-lingual, and user-friendly experience.

The UNDP’s digital core, which will be largely powered through the Quantum Global Digital Management System, is among the main pillars supporting the digital strategy of its transformation. The platform provides better monitoring of results and completely integrated capabilities for risk management, further automated controls, and a brand new self-service digital platform for staff, partners, and suppliers.

The new platform has enabled the majority of lower-value tasks are now automated and streamlined, which allows the UN agency to concentrate on more strategic work and in driving a continuous increase in productivity.

Sylvain St-Pierre — UNDP Chief Information Officer said: “Digital technology will allow us to rapidly evolve with the ever-changing development needs of people and our planet. Our previous systems were difficult to change and often made it challenging to adapt to changing global development needs and world events.

“This new digital core represents a quantum leap forward that enables UNDP with a modernized, integrated platform, allowing for truly transformative digital capabilities combined with a first-rate digital user experience. Quantum, our new digital corporate management system implemented with Infosys Public Services, underpins a #FutureSmart UNDP that leaves no one behind.”

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