Infosys roped in by Backcountry to create and secure digital experience


has been roped in by Backcountry, an American online retailer of outdoor gear and apparel, to help in delivering a seamless and secure digital experience for its customers.

is also said to utilize Google Cloud to power its data-driven transformation and help streamline business outcomes with the help of analytics and real-time insights.

Vismay Thakkar — VP of Technology said: “As we enter the Spring season and our customers embark on more outdoor adventures, we anticipate heightened demand for our products, which is why we’re opening new brick-and-mortar stores to meet their needs in any format.

offers the necessary skills and resources to deliver a secure and seamless customer experience, virtually or in-person, which is why our collaboration is proving to be so powerful.”

Infosys roped in by Backcountry to create and secure digital experience

roped in by to create and secure digital experience. Photo courtesy of Limited.

By making use of Infosys Cobalt and Google Cloud Platform, the outdoor gear retailer has launched a transformation journey driven by the cloud to boost the customer experience and enhance its security posture in a growingly turbulent cyber landscape.

Infosys said that its Cyber Next platform provides real-time visibility for into security and ransomware risks. This enables the online retailer to mitigate threats proactively, while minimizing exposure.

The Indian IT services provider also provided monitoring of security threats with its Cyber Watch security detection and response platform and Cyber Scan vulnerability risk management platform.

Furthermore, Infosys Cobalt solutions expedited the transformation of with Google Cloud and brought in new security and resilience features for eCommerce and backend systems. These are said to help Backcountry in securing daily customer transactions as well as its broader business platform.

Karmesh Vaswani — Infosys Executive Vice President and Global Head of Consumer, Retail and Logistics said: “COVID-19 fueled a new wave of demand for online retailers like Backcountry, requiring rapid transformation to meet customer expectations.

“We’re delighted to join forces with to implement a secure, cloud-first customer experience and build on Infosys Cobalt and Cyber Next platform to continue handling unexpected exigencies with security and quality at the forefront.”

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