Infosys Foundation USA injects $200k boost to upskill Hoosier tech careers


In a bid to fortify Indiana’s digital prowess, Infosys Foundation USA, known for bridging the U.S. digital divide, has announced a substantial $200,000 investment to aid Hoosiers in their journey to upskill for future tech roles. The lion’s share of this funding is set to bolster TechPoint, a flagship initiative aimed at nurturing Indiana’s technological landscape, while also supporting the expansion of statewide proven tech programs.

Having etched its footprint in Indiana with its signature K-12 computer science program in 2018, Infosys Foundation USA now seeks to supercharge TechPoint’s ambitious Mission41K initiative. Kate Maloney, Executive Director at Infosys Foundation USA, confidently asserts, “Investing in Hoosier education is a guaranteed win for Indiana’s future.”

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Under the Mission 41K banner, TechPoint aspires to introduce a staggering 41,000 Hoosiers to the workforce by the dawn of 2030. This initiative not only caters to K-12 teachers and students but also promises digital literacy to post-high school learners. Ting Gootee, the helm at TechPoint, emphasized the role of this fund in accelerating the transition from concept to reality, especially in expanding Nextech’s acclaimed training program.

Addressing the tech teacher drought in Indiana, the grant eyes the grooming of 30 top-tier computer science and IT educators from diverse corners of the state. Nextech’s President Karen Jung spotlighted the dire demand for STEM-certified educators, stating, “The thirst for STEM is strong in Hoosier students, but the teacher reservoir remains scarce. We’re poised to address this with immense gratitude for the support.”

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In tandem with this, Infosys Springboard USA’s digital frameworks will be harnessed to enhance tech-driven career routes for IPS high schoolers, doubling their numbers in the coming years. IPS’s Jennifer Berry accentuates the significance of real-world tech industry immersion for students, predicting a surge in interest levels.

Infosys Foundation USA also plants its flag in the domain of adult apprenticeships. With the spotlight on underserved rural sectors, the grant aims to make tech upskilling more affordable. With the keys to over 8,000 courses in Infosys Springboard USA Digital Academy, Hoosiers are poised to ride the latest wave in tech trends.

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The overarching vision paints a promising picture: around 5,000 Hoosiers reaping the fruits of the Infosys Foundation USA initiative. A concerted effort to include historically marginalized groups is evident, resonating with TechPoint’s ethos of inclusivity. This strategic move sets the stage for Indiana’s digital innovation, catalyzing its growth in the tech realm.

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