Lupin rolls out Darunavir Tablets, generic of Prezista in US


Lupin, an Indian pharmaceutical company, has announced the launch of Darunavir Tablets, available in 600mg and 800mg variants in the US.

These tablets serve as a generic equivalent to Janssen Products’ Prezista Tablets (darunavir).

Darunavir, the active ingredient in both the 600mg and 800mg tablets, is a highly potent protease inhibitor used in the treatment of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) infection. By inhibiting the action of the viral protease enzyme, Darunavir helps prevent the replication of the virus, thus controlling the progression of the disease.

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With estimated annual sales of approximately $308 million in the US, according to IQVIA MAT data from March 2023, Lupin aims to tap into the lucrative market of antiretroviral medication.

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