Indian IT firm Wipro to establish European Works Council


Indian IT services provider Wipro said that it has reached an agreement with employee representatives on establishing a European Works Council (EWC).

Wipro said that the formation of its European Works Council follows several years of working with Works Councils at local and national level in various European countries such as Germany, France, the Netherlands, Finland, and Sweden.

The European Works Council is said to have been driven by a request by employees under an EU directive that provides the opportunity in firms with over 1,000 employees in multiple European locations.

Wipro said that its agreement for the European Works Council was negotiated successfully with employee representatives from 13 countries prior to its formal signing on 15 September.

Indian IT firm Wipro to establish European Works Council

Indian IT firm Wipro to establish European Works Council. Photo courtesy of Rameshng/Wikimedia Commons.

The Indian IT services provider expects the first constitutional meeting of the council to be held in Q1 FY 2024 after its members are appointed as per local rules throughout this year. At the meeting, members will elect their chairman and pick committee members with the European Works Council to start its work to ensure employees of Wipro are kept informed and consulted by management on the progress of the company and any important decisions that could impact them.

Deepak Parija — Senior Vice President and CHRO, Wipro Europe said: “Setting up the EWC strengthens the already successful cooperation with employee representations in many European countries. Wipro aims to provide the best employee experience and create an inclusive environment that welcomes everyone and nurtures an overall sense of belonging.

“The EWC will help us in getting even better as we assimilate employee perspectives on a consistent basis. It also demonstrates that Wipro is applying and adopting European employment standards as a responsible global employer.”

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