Wipro partners with Celonis to launch supply chain command center solution

Wipro has joined forces with German data processing company Celonis to launch a supply chain command center solution with an aim to enable organizations in driving supply chain transformation.

According to the Indian IT services provider, the supply chain transformation solution helps businesses in automatically detecting and fixing bottlenecks and inefficiencies in processes, obtaining powerful business insights, opening new opportunities for growth, handling risks, and sustaining business continuity in disruptive times as well.

Besides, the supply chain command center solution is said to boost the supply-chain efficiency by working through the four stages of planning, sourcing, developing, and delivering.

Amit Puri — Global Vice President and Head of BPO and Managed Services at Celonis said: “Since announcing our global partnership earlier this year, Wipro and Celonis are jointly driving next-gen digital transformation impact for global customers. Supply Chain Command Center solution is our new joint offering that is helping enterprises optimize their supply chain management transformation initiatives.

“The powerful combination of Celonis Execution Management System (EMS) with Wipro’s domain expertise and advanced augmented intelligence capabilities of Wipro Holmes, enables us to unlock faster value for our customers across every industry segment and accelerate supply chain transformation through data-driven business execution.”

Wipro partners with Celonis to launch supply chain command center solution

Wipro partners with Celonis to launch supply chain command center solution. Photo courtesy of Rameshng/Wikipedia.org.

The supply chain command center solution brings together a variety of business-critical capabilities in transformation programs, which range from process KPI benchmarks to process optimization.

Wipro added that enterprises can make use of ready-to-use models for assessment of process maturity levels, analysis of custom codes, and opportunities for automation.

The supply chain transformation solution is being offered as-a-service without any upfront investments, said Wipro.

Harish Dwarkanhalli — President of Applications & Data, iDEAS, Wipro said: “Supply chain management has long been a priority for global businesses, but the need to transform the supply chain has dramatically increased due to the pandemic. Our joint solution enables businesses to reimagine and retransform the supply chain process, using data and process intelligence across large transformation projects.

“We are pleased to partner with Celonis to bring this innovative solution to companies around the globe.”

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