Hero MotoCorp sells nearly two lakh units in May 2021

Indian motorcycles and scooters manufacturer Hero MotoCorp said that it had sold 183,044 units of two-wheelers during May 2021, which include 1,78,706 motorcycles and 4,388 scooters.

The automobile company said that sales in the reported month were affected adversely because of the closure of plant operations driven by the steep rise in Covid-19 cases across India.

Hero MotoCorp had halted operations at all of its manufacturing plants in India on 22 April.

Three of the automobile plants – in Gurugram, Dharuhera, and Haridwar resumed operations in single shifts on 17 May, followed by the other three plants in Neemrana, Chittoor, and Halol on 24 May.

Hero MotoCorp sells nearly two lakh units in May 2021

Hero MotoCorp sells nearly two lakh units in May 2021. Photo courtesy of Hero MotoCorp Ltd.

According to Hero MotoCorp, given the unprecedented situation, the sales volume of May 2021 cannot be compared with the corresponding month of the previous year and sequential months of the current year.

The Indian motorcycles and scooters manufacturer said that it is continuously monitoring the situation closely and will move gradually to double-shift production.

Hero MotoCorp stated: “With the vaccination drive gaining pace and a sharp decline in the number of Covid-positive cases, markets across the country are expected to open up gradually. This will aid in the swift recovery of businesses in the coming weeks.”

In April 2021, Hero MotoCorp had registered sales of 372,285 motorcycles and scooters, which include 339,329 motorcycles and 32,956 scooters.

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