Ginkgo Bioworks acquires Reverie Labs’ AI/ML assets to revolutionize biosecurity and drug discovery


In a strategic move to solidify its position as a leader in cell programming and biosecurity, Ginkgo Bioworks Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: DNA) has announced the acquisition of key assets from Reverie Labs, a company renowned for leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) to expedite drug discovery processes. This acquisition includes Reverie Labs’ infrastructure, software for training large-scale AI foundation models, and the integration of four pivotal AI team members into Ginkgo’s workforce.

The deal marks a significant milestone for Ginkgo Bioworks, aiming to bolster its AI/ML-driven discovery services. By incorporating Reverie’s technological assets and expert team, Ginkgo anticipates a leap in the development of next-generation biological foundation models. Anna Marie Wagner, Senior Vice President, Head of Corporate Development and Head of AI at Ginkgo Bioworks, expressed enthusiasm about the acquisition, highlighting the impressive platform and tools developed by Reverie Labs for biological discovery and validation. Wagner’s anticipation for utilizing these tools across Ginkgo’s diverse discovery challenges underscores the acquisition’s strategic importance.

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The integration of Reverie’s team and technology into Ginkgo’s growing AI/ML infrastructure promises to enhance experimental design and small molecule program support through advanced AI-driven techniques. Reverie’s Chief Technology Officer, Ankit Gupta, joining as Head of AI/ML Advancement at Ginkgo, signifies the commitment to advancing AI/ML applications in biology. This collaboration is expected to create a powerful synergy, enabling the development of industry-leading AI models for biology and chemistry engineering.

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Jonah Kallenbach, CEO and co-founder of Reverie Labs, and Ankit Gupta, expressed their excitement about joining Ginkgo Bioworks. Kallenbach anticipates the integration of Reverie’s technology with Ginkgo’s vast data repository to build world-class AI models, while Gupta looks forward to solving impactful problems in biology with Ginkgo’s resources and partnerships.

Ginkgo’s dedication to leveraging AI/ML in biotechnology is not new. The company’s existing tools, such as Owl for AI-guided design, and strategic partnerships with giants like Google Cloud, Merck, Pfizer, and Boehringer Ingelheim, highlight its commitment to advancing biologic manufacturing, drug discovery, and the development of therapeutic molecules.

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Ginkgo Bioworks’ acquisition of Reverie Labs’ AI/ML assets represents a significant advancement in the biotechnology industry, promising to accelerate the pace of biosecurity and drug discovery innovations. By integrating cutting-edge AI/ML technology with its existing biotechnology expertise, Ginkgo sets a new standard for the future of biological research and development.

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