Nordic Capital acquires majority stake in data analytics firm ActiveViam


Nordic Capital, a leading private equity firm, announced its acquisition of a majority stake in ActiveViam, a forefront provider of advanced analytics and decision-making solutions for the financial sector. This strategic investment, executed in close collaboration with ActiveViam’s founders and management team, marks a pivotal phase in ActiveViam’s journey to scale its operations and innovate further in the financial analytics market.

ActiveViam, established in 2005 by industry veterans, specializes in delivering cutting-edge risk analytics and regulatory compliance software to financial institutions. Its proprietary technology is designed for scalability, capable of processing massive datasets within sub-seconds, distinguishing ActiveViam in a competitive field that includes key players and partners such as Google, Accenture, AWS, Deloitte, ClickHouse, S&P Global, Snowflake, and Wolters Kluwer.

With a comprehensive suite of solutions catering to Tier 1 and Tier 2 banks, hedge funds, asset managers, exchanges, and regulators, ActiveViam is positioned at the heart of a $10.4 billion financial analytics market. This market, as identified by L.E.K. Consulting, is on an upward trajectory, growing at a rate of 13 percent annually, driven by regulatory changes, automation of manual processes, and the need for unified data views across fragmented IT landscapes in large financial institutions.

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Nordic Capital’s investment in ActiveViam is backed by its extensive experience in the banking software sector, aiming to amplify the company’s organic growth through investments in organizational development, R&D excellence, and strategic partnerships and M&A activities.

Emil Anderson, Partner at Nordic Capital Advisors, praised ActiveViam’s impact on the financial industry, emphasizing its role in empowering organizations to enhance revenue and reduce risk through faster, better-informed decisions. Anderson highlighted Nordic Capital’s commitment to supporting ActiveViam’s growth, leveraging its network and resources to further the company’s success.

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Kathy Perrotte, CEO and Co-Founder of ActiveViam, welcomed the investment as a milestone for the company, promising exciting advancements and acquisition opportunities ahead. She lauded Nordic Capital for recognizing the potential of ActiveViam’s technology and for offering support to achieve further breakthroughs in financial services.

The transaction, which was completed on February 27, 2024, also sees Guidepost Growth Equity exiting its stake in ActiveViam, having been a key investor since 2019. Financial advisory roles were filled by Raymond James for ActiveViam and Broadhaven for Nordic Capital, with the terms of the deal remaining confidential.

ActiveViam stands as a testament to innovation in financial services analytics, with a global footprint that spans major financial hubs. The company’s dedication to high-performance analytics has redefined decision-making processes for leading financial entities, underscoring its mission to provide in-depth, cost-effective analysis on large-scale data.

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The strategic acquisition of ActiveViam by Nordic Capital signifies a notable advancement in the financial analytics domain, highlighting the growing importance of sophisticated decision-making tools in the finance sector. This partnership is poised to drive significant innovation and growth for ActiveViam, further solidifying its position as a leader in risk data analytics. With Nordic Capital’s backing, ActiveViam is well-equipped to navigate the evolving challenges of the financial industry, delivering solutions that meet the complex needs of its global clientele.

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