Wipro, Pandorum join forces to expedite regenerative medicine with AI


Wipro has entered into a partnership with Indian biotech company Pandorum Technologies to expedite regenerative medicine with artificial intelligence (AI).

The companies agreed to focus on developing technologies that reduce time-to-market and in maximizing patient outcomes during research and development (R&D) and clinical trials of regenerative medicine.

The partnership will bring together the AI capabilities of Wipro Holmes and the expertise in regenerative medicine of Pandorum Technologies.

Initially, the focus of the partnership will be on ‘bio-engineered liquid cornea’ and will be expanded across the product pipeline including liver and lung regenerative tissues.

According to Wipro, the Wipro Holmes AI-based decision support solution will give insights on the possible outcomes of specific formulations, apply advanced algorithms for predicting and boosting the efficacy of therapeutics, and help in the design of clinical studies.

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Pandorum Technologies and Wipro have a combined vision to develop an AI system that learns from the multi-dimensional data emerging from the former’s R&D pipeline at the cellular, tissue (organoid), and organ levels, while delivering actionable insights.

Rajan Kohli — Wipro iDEAS President and Managing Partner said: “By embracing digital technologies such as artificial intelligence, life sciences organizations can accelerate innovation, transform business processes and fuel growth.

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“In life sciences R&D, AI is particularly valuable to rapidly discover new formulations, expedite therapeutic development and bring life-saving therapies to market faster, thereby positively influencing human health. With our domain and AI expertise, we stand ready to enable our health and life sciences clients to serve their stakeholders better.”

Wipro, Pandorum join forces to expedite regenerative medicine with AI

Wipro, Pandorum join forces to expedite regenerative medicine with AI. Photo courtesy of Rameshng/Wikipedia.org.

The capability of Wipro Holmes in extracting insights from assessments of phenotypes, genotypes, and clinical progression are expected to complement the capabilities of Pandorum Technologies in tissue regeneration and regenerative medicine.

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The biotechnology company is on the verge of entering the clinical stage and the exponential partnership with Wipro is expected to unlock the power of regenerative medicine.

Tuhin Bhowmick — Pandorum Technologies Co-founder and CEO said: “We’re living in a time of unprecedented progress in biology, data science and machine learning.

“We are building a framework to converge these three fields, in order to harness the potential of tissue reprogramming to the fullest and address global unmet clinical needs, such as, corneal blindness, Liver diseases. In the end, what matters most is to be able to alleviate the suffering of the patients.”

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