Forescout secures US DoD contract for zero trust security


Forescout, a global leader in cybersecurity solutions, has announced the securing of a new contract with the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) as it enters the fourth year of its groundbreaking Comply-to-Connect (C2C) program. The new contract aims to advance zero trust access principles across the DoD Information Network (DoDIN), aligning it closely with the Department’s Zero Trust Strategy.

Forescout to Implement Zero Trust Principles Across DoDIN

Advocated by the Defense Information System Agency (DISA) C2C Program Management Office (PMO), the new contract will integrate additional capabilities into the existing C2C platform. These capabilities will revolutionize the security of Operational Technology networks and integrate risk management into the decision-making process. Forescout’s extended role in C2C enhances the DoD’s capability to apply NIST zero trust principles to millions of devices across the DoDIN enterprise.

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Army Takes Lead in Forescout’s Zero Trust Implementation

Forescout’s C2C capabilities, already in implementation in certain Army sectors, are part of an initiative taught at Fort Gordon and referenced at the Defense Acquisition University. This initiative underscores the critical role that Forescout plays in advancing the Army’s cybersecurity posture.

Comprehensive Cybersecurity Coverage for DoD Network

With the first three steps of the C2C program—visibility, compliance assessment, and automated remediation—successfully underway, Forescout’s orchestration capabilities will now help administrators manage policy enforcement points. This allows for customized effects based on individual user, device, or access request. Additionally, Forescout’s continuous monitoring ensures that connected devices maintain compliance, safeguarding against corrupted files, administrative errors, or malicious actions.

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C2C: A Keystone in Government Cybersecurity Initiatives

C2C represents one of the largest government cybersecurity programs worldwide, aimed at managing cyber operational risks on an enterprise scale. Now in its fourth year, C2C promises automated control of access to and within the DoDIN. “We are proud to be trusted by so many organizations to secure the backbone of their operations,” said Barry Mainz, CEO of Forescout.

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Forescout’s Comprehensive Capabilities in Thunderdome

Currently, Forescout’s platform provides a comprehensive set of capabilities for the DoD’s C2C security framework, known as Thunderdome. This includes network-based discovery and classification of assets, integration with enterprise solutions like ICAM and SIEM, and orchestration of policy enforcement points across the infrastructure.

The latest contract between Forescout and the DoD sets the stage for a transformative journey in U.S. military cybersecurity, further solidifying Forescout’s reputation as a trusted partner in fortifying the nation’s defense networks.

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