Clearspeed partners with Global SOF Foundation to advance security screening


Clearspeed, a leading provider of voice analytics technology in the insurance, government, and security sectors, has announced a strategic partnership with the Global Special Operations Forces Foundation (GSOF). The collaboration aims to bolster the due diligence process for screening new GSOF members.

Clearspeed Elevates GSOF’s Due Diligence with Voice Analytics

Clearspeed has a long-standing advisory role with GSOF. The partnership enhances GSOF’s ability to uphold stringent screening for member company admissions. By leveraging Clearspeed’s advanced voice analytics technology, GSOF aims to sustain a superior standard for companies and individuals participating at GSOF events. The technology allows GSOF to conduct more effective and efficient security screening for prospective members by providing risk insights on complex topics.

Clearspeed’s Role in Securely Vetting GSOF Members

Steve Wisotzki, Clearspeed’s General Manager for the Government, Defense, and Security markets, stated, “I’m proud of our partnership with the Global SOF Foundation. As a former member of the special operations community, Clearspeed takes pride in strengthening this relationship to keep GSOF’s organization, members, and events secure.”

The Challenge of Risk Assessment in Government & Security Organizations

Government and security organizations face challenges in vetting and clearances, especially where fraud and risk are involved. Clearspeed’s voice analytics technology fills this critical gap, enabling organizations to make quicker, more informed decisions, identify high-risk behavior, and have more accurate risk data.

GSOF Excited for Enhanced Risk Assessment Capabilities

Stu Bradin, CEO and President of GSOF, said, “Our partnership with Clearspeed allows us to enhance our risk assessment capabilities and maintain the highest level of integrity within our organization.”

The partnership between Clearspeed and GSOF represents a significant step in improving the risk assessment and security vetting process, particularly in the military and government sectors. Both organizations aim to confront global and networked threats more effectively through this collaboration.

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