FirstSenseAI by Firstsource Solutions: A new age AI platform for intelligent customer engagement


Firstsource Solutions Limited, a global provider of business process management (BPM) services, has unveiled its innovative AI platform, FirstSenseAI. This groundbreaking platform allows companies to gather real-time customer data to enhance personalized interactions, powered by instant insights and intelligent decision-making. By understanding and addressing customers’ needs swiftly, FirstSenseAI aims to elevate the human experience, thus boosting customer loyalty and improving process efficiency.

Chairman and CEO’s Vision for FirstSenseAI

“At Firstsource, we welcome the transformative power of Generative AI and Machine Learning, which has the potential to redefine human interactions with technology and revolutionize job roles across industries. Embracing this technology excites us, as it opens possibilities to enhance both employee and customer experiences,” stated Dr Sanjiv Goenka, Chairman of RPSG Group and Firstsource Solutions.

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Vipul Khanna, MD and CEO of Firstsource Solutions, further emphasized the company’s commitment to delivering excellence through AI and how FirstSenseAI embodies their “Digital First, Digital Now” strategy. The platform’s best-in-class AI engines and design modules enable enterprises to deliver rapid intelligent responses, enhancing their digitization initiatives.

FirstSenseAI: Features and Capabilities

Powered by a suite of best-in-class AI technologies, including Generative AI (GAI) and Machine Learning (ML), FirstSenseAI provides a broad array of features to augment customer experience:

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Smarter Intake: Extracts intelligence across communication channels to predict customer intent, intelligently routing requests.

Personalized Interaction: Captures a complete view of each customer to anticipate preferences and deliver tailored solutions.

Intelligent Decisions: Offers actionable insights based on historical data analysis to improve accuracy and relevance of solutions.

Insights that Deliver: Identifies hidden inefficiencies and develops ‘what if’ scenarios to enhance process resilience.

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Success Stories and Implementation

The FirstSenseAI platform has already been successfully deployed among select clients in diverse industries like Telecom, EdTech, Healthcare, and IT services. Clients are harnessing the platform’s AI/ML capabilities to render more relevant, personalized recommendations, create touchless solutions for student emails, and rapidly identify complex claims for quicker resolution.

The platform consists of multiple modules, each armed with automation and business intelligence functionalities, and can integrate seamlessly into a client’s existing systems.

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