Wipro collaborates with AWS to transform laboratory processes in life sciences


Wipro Limited, a leading technology services and consulting company, has announced its partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to redefine laboratory processes in the life sciences industry. This collaboration aims to address the longstanding inefficiencies and high costs associated with outdated laboratory practices in the sector.

Challenges in the Life Sciences Industry

Life science and pharmaceutical industries face significant challenges with fragmented laboratory operations, leading to inefficiencies, increased time in bringing new products to market, and elevated research and development expenses. The existing laboratory processes often require lab technicians and medical specialists to perform tasks beyond their expertise, affecting productivity.

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The Launch of Lab of the Future

To combat these issues, Wipro and AWS have developed the ‘Lab of the Future.’ This solution offers a comprehensive, cloud-based platform that enhances laboratory processes, fosters collaboration, and is powered by generative AI and advanced analytics. Philippe Dintrans, Senior Vice President & Global Head of Domain & Consulting at Wipro Consulting, highlights this vision as a step towards holistic lab performance.

Revolutionizing Life Sciences: Wipro's 'Lab of the Future' with AWS

Revolutionizing Life Sciences: Wipro’s ‘Lab of the Future’ with AWS

Addressing Key Industry Challenges

The life sciences industry is grappling with decreasing ROI for R&D, increasing costs of new drug development, and extensive time spent on data management. The ‘Lab of the Future’ is designed to tackle these challenges by streamlining laboratory operations, potentially reducing costs, and accelerating the development of life-saving drugs.

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Wipro and AWS’s Commitment to the Life Sciences

Srini Rajamani, Senior Vice President & Sector Head – Consumer and Life Sciences at Wipro, emphasizes their commitment to improving business outcomes and enabling cost efficiency for clients in the life sciences value chain. This initiative by Wipro and AWS reflects a significant advancement in leveraging technology for the betterment of healthcare and pharmaceutical research.

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This partnership between Wipro and AWS in creating the ‘Lab of the Future’ marks a pivotal step in revolutionizing the life sciences industry, aiming for more efficient, cost-effective, and rapid development of critical healthcare solutions.

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