ESpace Networks closes $10m Series A round, strengthens leadership with key appointments


ESpace Networks, a Florida-based software company revolutionizing enterprise connectivity, has successfully concluded its Series A funding round, securing a significant $10 million investment from Columbia Capital.

The funding will be pivotal in advancing ESpace Networks’ position as a leader in empowering customers to manage connectivity for mobile assets intelligently.

The company’s innovative solutions provide operating fleets with unprecedented visibility and control over their connectivity service, ensuring an enhanced quality of experience (QoE) for users. ESpace Networks aims to redefine enterprise connectivity by offering unparalleled connectivity management solutions.

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In conjunction with the funding, ESpace Networks has announced two significant appointments to its Board of Directors. Rupert Pearce, former CEO of Inmarsat, will assume the role of Chairman. Rupert Pearce’s extensive experience in the satellite and mobile broadband industry will play a key role in supporting ESpace Networks during its next phase of growth.

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Additionally, Walé Adepoju, founder of IMDC and former CCO/COO of Global Eagle, will join the Board. Walé Adepoju brings over 25 years of expertise in connectivity, media, and technology in the commercial aviation sector, which represents a crucial market for ESpace Networks.

These strategic appointments are expected to bolster ESpace Networks’ leadership team and provide invaluable guidance in the company’s expansion efforts.

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ESpace Networks’ successful Series A funding round and the addition of industry veterans to its Board of Directors mark significant milestones in the company’s journey to transform enterprise connectivity.

With this infusion of capital and the expertise of Pearce and Walé Adepoju, ESpace Networks is well-positioned to drive innovation, enhance customer experiences, and seize new opportunities in the ever-evolving connectivity landscape.

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