Did India play a role in Nijjar’s death? ‘Five Eyes’ seems to think so!


In a sensational twist to the escalating diplomatic tension between India and Canada, the United States spills the beans. For the first time ever, the US confirms the shared intelligence from the ‘Five Eyes’ consortium pointed a finger at India for Khalistani terrorist Hardeep Singh Nijjar’s controversial death.

US-CAN Diplomatic Whispers

US Ambassador to Canada, David Cohen, during a tense interview with CTV News, hinted at the explosive shared intelligence between the Five Eyes nations that informed Canada’s very own PM, Justin Trudeau. “It’s all about shared intelligence. Both Canada and the US had deep discussions on this. That’s all I’ll reveal for now,” Cohen cautiously stated. The depth and type of this intelligence? Still shrouded in mystery. But one thing’s clear – intense communication has been buzzing between the US and Canada on this contentious issue.

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What’s at Stake for the International Community?

As the ripple effect of this revelation is felt, Cohen sheds light on the US perspective, emphasizing the gravity of these allegations. “If these claims are validated, it’s a grievous violation of the international code we uphold,” he expressed with stern concern. The US top brass, including President Joe Biden, have already conveyed their apprehensions to India, urging active cooperation with Canada’s probing team. “The truth must emerge,” insists Cohen.

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Trudeau’s Trust in Intel

In a past briefing, Trudeau had highlighted the intensive groundwork of Canadian officials liaising with intelligence agencies since summer, aiming for a clear grasp on this murky scenario. This recent revelation only intensifies the weight of Trudeau’s earlier statements.

International Watchdogs are Alert

This seismic disclosure has jolted the corridors of the ‘Five Eyes’ intelligence alliance – a formidable group consisting of the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. They’re all on high alert, watching the fallout from this major intelligence reveal.

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