Boomi partners with LTIMindtree for real-time IT architecture integration


Boomi, a leader in intelligent connectivity and automation, announced its collaboration with LTIMindtree, a prominent global technology consulting and digital solutions company. This partnership focuses on connecting LTIMindtree’s diverse IT architecture in real time through Boomi’s leading integration platform as a service (iPaaS), powering data-driven decision-making.

LTIMindtree’s Digital Transformation Goals

LTIMindtree, a key digital transformation partner for over 700 global enterprises, aims to reimagine business models, accelerate innovation, and maximize growth. The company operates across various industries in more than 30 countries, offering extensive domain and technology expertise.

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Boomi’s Role in Streamlining Data Flows

To provide effective client support, LTIMindtree required a solution to connect its disparate systems and support various integration patterns in real-time. By choosing Boomi, LTIMindtree has streamlined its digital architecture, removing friction in data flows and ensuring immediate access to information across cloud and on-premises environments.

LTIMindtree Enhances Data-Driven Decision-Making with Boomi's iPaaS Solution

LTIMindtree Enhances Data-Driven Decision-Making with Boomi’s iPaaS Solution

Rajesh Kumar R, Chief Information Officer (CIO) of LTIMindtree, highlighted the improvements in data exchange quality and developer productivity through workflow automation on the Boomi platform. He anticipates a 60% reduction in integration time, enhancing operational efficiency.

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Impact of Boomi’s iPaaS on LTIMindtree

Boomi’s iPaaS has enabled LTIMindtree to adopt a more unified data view, crucial for a data-driven organization. This integration facilitates improved business data reporting and decision-making and empowers teams to deliver customer-focused services.

Boomi’s Contribution to Business Agility

Thomas Lai, Vice President and General Manager of Asia Pacific and Japan at Boomi, emphasized the importance of accessible, accurate, and trustworthy data for companies like LTIMindtree. Boomi’s solution has helped LTIMindtree’s professionals collaborate effectively and leverage unified customer information, thereby understanding and surpassing customer needs.

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