LTIMindtree introduces Testing as a Service for Oracle SaaS


Global technology consulting and digital solutions company, LTIMindtree, is making waves with the launch of its Testing as a Service for Oracle SaaS. Building on the success of RELY, a comprehensive assurance and compliance services platform for enterprise applications, this innovative offering is set to redefine Oracle SaaS testing standards.

Addressing Common Challenges in Oracle Cloud Testing

The new Testing as a Service for Oracle SaaS on the RELY platform is designed to tackle the common challenges faced by testing teams in Oracle Cloud testing and validation. These include time-consuming manual testing processes, reliance on outdated test scripts causing accuracy issues, frequent system integration failures, and security and compliance concerns that necessitate third-party testing for optimal performance.

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Revolutionizing Testing with the RELY Platform

The RELY platform comes equipped with a robust set of features to revolutionize the testing landscape. It offers out-of-the-box tests, real-time visibility through interactive dashboards, seamless support for all Oracle versions, end-to-end automation, tighter audit control, and testing speeds up to 5 times faster.

Streamlining Oracle Cloud Testing and Validation

Nachiket Deshpande, Whole-Time Director, and Chief Operating Officer at LTIMindtree, emphasized the significance of Oracle Cloud testing and validation in the overall cloud deployment process. He stated, “The complexity of IT systems deployment with inadequate testing can hinder business benefits realization. With our Oracle Cloud expertise and the ‘RELY’ platform, we empower customers to embark on their Oracle Cloud transformation journey reliably and effectively.”

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RELY: Powering Enterprise Application Test Automation

Developed by LTIMindtree and powered by Tricentis, RELY is not limited to Oracle SaaS. It enhances test automation services for SAP, Oracle, and other service lines. LTIMindtree’s goal is to equip clients across industries with the tools they need to navigate the dynamic global business landscape and meet the increasing demand for environmentally responsible products.

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