Aurionpro Solutions launches AuroPay payment platform

Aurionpro Solutions Limited, a Mumbai-based technology products and solutions provider, said that it has launched its own payment platform called ‘AuroPay’ in a move to grow its footprint in the payment business.

The company also said that it has established Aurionpro Payment Solutions Pte. Ltd (Aurionpro Payments) as its global headquarters in Singapore and a subsidiary company in India.

AuroPay is said to offer online payment services in a secured manner. The payment platform will provide gateway services to merchant organizations and is expected to become a one stop destination that will cover a broad range of services in the payment ecosystem, said Aurionpro Solutions.

The AuroPay payment platform will focus mainly on B2C and B2B opportunities.

Paresh Zaveri — CMD of Aurionpro said: “We have been working on transforming Aurionpro into a strong, fast growing and nimble organization for sustainable growth ahead. We are very proud to announce the launch of “AuroPay”. This platform will be the cornerstone of our future planned offerings around B2C, B2B and Transit solutions.

“Launching of “AuroPay”, & embedding this capability in our various product suites will provide great value addition to our stakeholders. We will closely work with the regulators and comply with licensing conditions wherever required.”

Aurionpro Solutions has also appointed Balkrishna Pangam as the CEO of Aurionpro Payments.

Balkrishna Pangam — CEO of Aurionpro Payments said: “I am delighted to lead this new venture and to create a lasting impression in the fast-growing Digital payments world. The impact of Covid-19 has accelerated the next 3-5 years’ worth of change in less than 18 months.

“While digitization of payments has grown exponentially, the overall industry is still in a nascent stage and there are huge opportunities ahead to be tapped. With the change in consumer behaviour, across all age groups to digital, contactless and online purchases, we want to offer solutions catering to both B2B & B2C segments. “AuroPay” will help reduce friction and simplify payments for our clients.”

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