Modi unleashes scathing attack on Congress royalty in fiery Rajasthan rally


Prime Minister Narendra Modi, during a rally in Jalore, Rajasthan, took a pointed jab at the Congress party’s leadership decisions, particularly targeting those who have transitioned to Rajya Sabha memberships after their tenure in Lok Sabha. The criticism comes shortly after Sonia Gandhi, a prominent Congress leader, was elected unopposed to the Upper House of Parliament from Rajasthan. Modi’s remarks highlight a broader critique of the Congress strategy and its leadership’s electoral engagements.

Modi’s Allegations Against Congress in Rajasthan

In his speech, Modi questioned the effectiveness of Congress leaders, including former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi, in addressing the needs of Rajasthan while serving as Rajya Sabha members. He suggested that these leaders, not being native to Rajasthan, have neglected the state’s issues. His critique extended to the broader electoral performance of Congress, referencing the recent Lok Sabha polls where Congress faced significant challenges.

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Political Dynamics in Jalore

Jalore, a known BJP stronghold for the past two decades, is currently witnessing a closely watched contest between BJP’s Lumbaram Choudhary and Congress’s Vaibhav Gehlot, son of former Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot. Modi used this opportunity to rally support for Choudhary while casting doubts on Congress’s commitment to the state, citing the party’s decision to field non-native candidates in the Rajya Sabha.

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Modi’s Broader Critique of Congress Governance

Beyond Rajasthan, Modi’s speech touched on national issues, accusing the Congress of weakening India’s governance. He revived the “remote control” critique, a reference to the alleged behind-the-scenes control Sonia Gandhi had during Manmohan Singh’s premiership. Modi argued that such governance could not strengthen India, drawing a contrast with his administration’s approach to leadership and accountability.

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Modi’s targeted critique against Congress in Rajasthan is part of a larger BJP strategy to diminish Congress’s credibility nationwide by focusing on its leadership decisions and electoral failures. This approach not only seeks to consolidate BJP’s base in its strongholds but also attempts to sway undecided voters by highlighting Congress’s perceived disconnect from regional and national interests.

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