Astronics secures $75m contracts for Astronics Dual-Modem ModMan


Astronics Corporation (Nasdaq: ATRO), renowned for its innovative technology solutions in aerospace and defense, has announced securing contracts potentially worth up to $75 million over the next three to five years for its cutting-edge Astronics Dual-Modem ModMan (ADMM). These contracts, awarded by multiple customers, reflect the industry’s confidence in Astronics’ capabilities and its commitment to advancing inflight entertainment and connectivity.

The ADMM, a cornerstone of Astronics’ connectivity platform, acts as a crucial communication manager between satellites and cabin wireless access points, ensuring consistent and reliable passenger connectivity. Mike Kuehn, President of Astronics CSC, emphasized the significance of these contracts: “These contracts and the marketplace’s positive reception of the ADMM reflect our commitment to investing in reliable and affordable inflight entertainment and connectivity hardware. Serving as the brains behind our connectivity platform, the ADMM seamlessly manages communication ensuring passengers remain connected reliably.”

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Innovative Features of the ADMM

The ADMM stands out in the aerospace industry for its multi-orbit, multi-band capability within a single Line Replaceable Unit (LRU), significantly reducing time to market for Managed Service Providers (MSPs), airlines, and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). The system is designed to be future-proof, optimizing both current and emerging network technologies to provide fast, secure, and reliable IP communications for airline passengers, crew, and operations personnel.

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It supports up to two Satellite Communications (SATCOM) modems from multiple network providers, enhancing reliability and configurability. This novel platform-based ModMan is adaptable and modem agnostic, capable of supporting various satellite networking configurations based on operator preferences, including multi-orbit, multi-beam, and both Ku and Ka satellites.

Industry Leadership and Strategic Impact

Astronics continues to demonstrate its leadership with the ADMM, building on its long history of innovative ModMan units. With over 5,000 aircraft currently utilizing its inflight entertainment and connectivity hardware, Astronics remains the most widely deployed provider in this sector.

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The introduction of the ADMM not only enhances the company’s product line but also strategically positions Astronics to capitalize on the growing demand for advanced connectivity solutions in the aerospace industry. This expansion is expected to solidify Astronics’ position as a key player in the aerospace technology market, offering unmatched flexibility and performance to its clients.

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