Northern Kentucky University enhances digital accessibility with YuJa Panorama


Northern Kentucky University (NKU), located just southeast of Cincinnati, Ohio, has announced a significant enhancement to its educational offerings by adopting the YuJa Panorama Digital Accessibility Platform. This move aims to improve accessibility for its nearly 16,000 students, ensuring that course content is universally accessible. YuJa Panorama will replace the university’s previous accessibility tool, marking a major upgrade in NKU’s approach to educational accessibility.

YuJa Panorama was selected for its user-friendly interface and its comprehensive set of tools designed to enhance accessibility across NKU’s courses, which are delivered through the Canvas Learning Management System. The platform supports alternative formats, in-line remediation tools, and boasts deep integration capabilities with Canvas, making it an ideal choice for the university’s diverse needs.

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Key Features of YuJa Panorama

The platform is equipped with advanced features that automate the creation of accessible versions of documents and enable customized website accessibility options applicable to any webpage. YuJa Panorama’s remediation engines are capable of detecting, prioritizing, and correcting inaccessible content in documents and images, which include scanned documents as well as handwritten and digital text. This functionality is critical in an academic setting where diverse document types are used.

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Moreover, YuJa Panorama offers advanced analytics that assists in identifying gaps in accessibility, providing invaluable data that can guide decisions to enhance digital inclusivity across the university.

Commitment to Inclusive Education

Nathan Arora, Chief Business Officer at YuJa, Inc., emphasized the platform’s impact on inclusivity. “When you give institutions the ability to remediate documents with the click of a button, you enable them to provide more inclusive learning experiences for all students,” said Arora. He highlighted that YuJa Panorama simplifies the process of making digital content accessible, which is a crucial aspect of modern educational environments.

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Looking Forward

With the integration of YuJa Panorama, NKU is set to significantly advance its commitment to creating an inclusive educational environment. The platform’s robust tools and seamless integration with existing systems position NKU to lead in digital accessibility in higher education. The adoption of such advanced technology demonstrates NKU’s dedication to ensuring that all students, regardless of their abilities, have access to quality education materials in formats that meet their needs.

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