Ducon Infratechnologies, deltaVision to partner on aerospace and hydrogen fuel technologies


In a significant development for India’s aerospace and renewable energy sectors, Ducon Infratechnologies Ltd. has joined forces with deltaVision to introduce cutting-edge fluid control solutions tailored for rocket fuel propulsion systems and hydrogen fuel delivery mechanisms. This partnership marks a strategic move to cater to the burgeoning demands within the Indian market, emphasizing the co-development and domestic manufacturing of embedded products pivotal for the hydrogen and aerospace value chains.

The collaboration was formalized through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed during a German delegation trip to India, facilitated by the German Asienbrückee. V., under the leadership of its President, Mr. Andreas Scheuer. This alliance is set to leverage the technological prowess and manufacturing capabilities of both companies to support India’s emerging markets in these critical sectors.

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Andreas Scheuer, President of the Asia Bridge, highlighted the importance of such delegation trips, stating, “Delegation trips offer a valuable opportunity to learn from each other and to work towards concrete outcomes. As the president of the Asia Bridge, I am delighted to witness the collaboration of high technology from Germany and India in the space sector. Today’s signature of the MoU is a great example.”

Ducon Infratechnologies Ltd. and deltaVision Forge Strategic Partnership

Ducon Infratechnologies Ltd. and deltaVision Forge Strategic Partnership

Echoing the sentiment, Alex Plebuch, CEO of deltaVision, shared his enthusiasm about the collaboration, noting the vast opportunities within the Indian market for space and hydrogen technologies. Aron Govil, Managing Director of Ducon, also expressed excitement about expanding their operations through this partnership, emphasizing the synergy between Ducon’s resources and deltaVision’s innovative technologies.

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Ducon Infratechnologies, with a legacy of executing turn-key projects across India, and deltaVision, led by a team of young technical visionaries, are set to make significant strides in advancing fluid control technologies for aerospace and hydrogen markets in India.

This collaboration between Ducon Infratechnologies Ltd. and deltaVision is poised to significantly impact the Indian hydrogen and aerospace sectors. By combining Ducon’s extensive experience and deltaVision’s innovative approach, this partnership is expected to accelerate the development of essential technologies for these industries. The support from the German delegation and the leadership of individuals like Mr. Scheuer underscore the international interest and confidence in India’s capability to become a key player in these high-tech fields.

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