Astrea Bioseparations to boost US manufacturing capacity amid rising demand


Astrea Bioseparations (“Astrea Bio”), a leading provider of bioseparation and purification technologies, announced the significant expansion of its manufacturing and warehousing capabilities in the United States. The move comes in response to surging demand for the company’s chromatography solutions in North American markets. The newly constructed 12,000 sq. ft. facility in Canton, Massachusetts, is set to be completed in Q4 2023 and will quadruple the company’s US footprint.

Record Lead Times for Innovative Chromatography Products

The state-of-the-art Canton facility will enable Astrea Bio to deliver its off-the-shelf products in record lead times of 3-5 weeks, and large-scale resin orders within 6-8 weeks. This rapid turnaround highlights Astrea Bio’s commitment to serving the North American market with its high-quality chromatography solutions. The expansion also anticipates an increase in Astrea Bio’s workforce by up to 9% over the next 18 months.

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A Hub for Local Expertise and Supply Network

Astrea Bio’s new facility serves as a critical hub for its North American supply network, hosting cleanroom laboratories for column packing services, offices, and warehousing. In addition to providing increased manufacturing and warehousing capacity, the site will offer locally available technical expertise and customer support.

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Expanding Range of Chromatography Solutions

Specialized cleanrooms will boost production capacity for Astrea Bio’s pre-packed column products and services. The facility will host increased warehousing space for the company’s wide range of chromatography products, including affinity, hydrophobic interaction chromatography, and ion exchange adsorbents and resins. The space will also accommodate Astrea Bio’s AstreAdept® range of nanofiber-based purification technology, crucial for the efficient production of cell and gene therapies.

Global Network Supports High-Quality Products

Astrea Bio operates a comprehensive network of offices and manufacturing facilities worldwide, ensuring the reliable supply of its high-quality chromatography solutions. With 170 employees spread across its Cambridge, UK headquarters and other global locations, Astrea Bio is well-positioned to meet the growing demand for its innovative products.

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Local Expertise Meets Growing Demand in North America

Chris Brown, Operations Director at Astrea Bioseparations, commented, “The new site allows us to meet growing demand for our chromatography products and services in the US, particularly for the development and production of cutting-edge biologics like cell and gene therapies. This expansion enhances our ability to provide innovative, high-quality products within market-leading timeframes while offering local technical expertise.”

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