Wipro, ServiceNow to launch intelligent risk and security solutions


Wipro announced a strategic partnership with ServiceNow to unveil Wipro CyberTransform – Intelligent ServiceNow Risk and Security Solutions. Designed to empower organizations with integrated, dynamic risk, compliance, and security capabilities, the new solution arrives as enterprises strive to navigate the complexities of digital transformation amidst evolving cybersecurity threats and compliance demands.

A Scalable Framework for Integrated Security Management

Wipro CyberTransform – Intelligent ServiceNow Risk and Security Solutions offers a scalable framework that leverages ServiceNow’s robust Risk and Security features. Organizations can easily integrate these functions into their existing infrastructures for quicker and more efficient problem-solving. Notably, the solution provides actionable insights for cybersecurity and compliance teams, optimizing both risk management and operational efficiency.

Wipro teams up with ServiceNow to launch intelligent risk and security solutions

Wipro teams up with ServiceNow to launch intelligent risk and security solutions. Photo courtesy of Rameshng/Wikimedia Commons.

Enhanced Real-Time Risk and Compliance Monitoring

Enterprises using Wipro CyberTransform can benefit from enhanced risk exposure control through continuous monitoring and real-time dashboards. These dashboards provide immediate insights into high-risk areas, non-compliance issues, vendor statuses, and audit findings. The end result is increased visibility through a single, integrated risk and compliance management program.

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Cybersecurity Solutions Customized to Tackle Specific Threats

The solution is tailored to offer scalable security responses to specific cyber threats, addressing the needs of enterprises at different stages of their security maturity. Saugat Sindhu, Global Head, Strategy & Risk Practice at Wipro Limited, commented, “This integrated solution ensures organizations remain safe and compliant, particularly important in an era of ever-evolving cyber threats and compliance requirements.”

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AI and Machine Learning Drive Collaborative Security Operations

Brian Rizman, Managing Partner, ServiceNow Risk and Security Solutions at Wipro Limited, added that the solution leverages advanced technologies like machine learning and AI. “ServiceNow Risk and Security Operations solutions afford clients the ability to collaborate and coordinate through a common data hub,” Rizman said, signaling promising opportunities for joint clients of Wipro and ServiceNow to enhance their security and compliance capabilities.

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